Year 7 visit Olympic Park

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Students in Year 7 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Olympic Park last week.  The reason for the trip was part of their marvellous middle where they were building knowledge of Olympic stadium design and legacy.  Previous to the visit the students had designed their own stadium using research skills to identify the most energy efficient building whilst also considering the social and economical effects it would have on Rio.  They had to consider the shape, health and safety and justify the reasons behind their choice of equipement and building materials, location and legacy.

The students battled with the hot sunshine as they went on a walking tour of the park identifying the economical/legacy features of the park which helped to add real life learning to their topic and enable them to evaluate their designs against the buildings of the 2012 Olympics.  As well as understanding how the legacy of the Olympics had impacted London the students had a tour of the velodrome and the aqua centre.  The students were in awe of the facilities and many aspire to one day compete at this standard.