Update on buses

Thursday, 19 January 2017

The trial bus service will now run until the 4th April.  Please note the bus will not accept Stagecoach Smartcard  bus passes after school on Friday 10th February.

(the Stagecoach Term Rider will be accepted up to and including Tuesday 4th April after that period no Stagecoach bus passes will be accepted on the 205 service)

If you have a Term Rider or Free Bus pass please come to reception and collect a free school bus.  The bus will only accept school bus passes or cash.

Students must either purchase a weekly (£15 ) or half termly (£96 up to and including Tuesday 4th April) bus pass from the school Reception on a Friday morning or pay cash on the bus (£1.50 per single journey on any part of the 205 bus route to and from school). For further details of the bus route please click on the link in the main blue banner on the front page.