Our Ground breaking new eco building

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The school's new Year 7 & 8 building generates five times more power than it uses making it one of the top 10 most energy efficient school buildings in the country.

The ground breaking new design and structure uses the latest in modern materials and design concepts, including solar panels, to create a building that not only heats and ventilates itself but also provides energy to other buildings on the site whilst generating additional power that can then be sold into the national grid.  Even the heat generated by the children using the building can be harnessed to contribute to the energy efficiency. Its superb insulation also makes it ultra efficient to run with a very low energy consumption.

“We are very excited to be  at the cutting edge of these  new developments in educational buildings”, said Mike Berrill, Executive Principal at  Biddenham.  “This is a top quality building that has enabled us to create a new generation of learning environments.  Not only is it ‘smart’, simple to operate and easy to maintain, it is highly durable with a long term resilience.  It gives the pupils a safe, warm and comfortable building that will provide an excellent teaching and learning environment.”

The building known as Schoolhaus has been designed and manufactured by NetZero Buildings Ltd who specialise in construction for schools.

Peter Johnston, Managing Director of NetZero Buildings said: “We use modern building materials in our design, manufacturing and construction process to ensure a quality building with remarkable energy efficiency, a rapid build and at low cost making our buildings and processes modern and unique.  The work at Biddenham took just 17 weeks start to finish with very little disruption for the school.  Because we specialise in building for the education sector we can ensure that the buildings will adapt to suit children of all ages within most school grounds.”

The new Biddenham building has an A+ Energy Performance Certificate rating, the highest that you can get.