Harpur Trust Bursaries & Connolly Foundation Scholarships 2015

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Many students from Biddenham receive a helping hand from the Harpur Trust and the Connolly Foundation Charities.

Since 2007 the Harpur Trust has given bursaries to Bedford School leavers who face financial and other barriers to university attendance. This year bursaries were awarded to Jasmine Kouser and Sabine Samba. Jasmine and Sabine were presented with their awards at a ceremony in September at Pilgrim House. Each student will receive a total sum of £3,600 over the period of three years.

The Connolly Foundation Charity was set up by Michael Connolly in memory of his wife Kathleen. One of the aims of the Charity is to ‘give meaningful assistance to those in need…helping young people acquire new skills and qualifications’.  Since 2012 all Biddenham students who are in their final year at school have been encouraged to apply for a Connolly Foundation Scholarship since it is not means tested. The majority of our students who applied for this Scholarship were fortunate enough to receive an award. This year a total sum of £16,400 was awarded to 21 of our students.

Needless to say these monies would have been gratefully received by all students.