GCSE Results

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Best ever results (again!) at Biddenham!

Following the success of our 'A' level students, our Year 11 GCSE  students are now celebrating great results.

Headteacher David Bailey said, "We are very pleased for our year 11 students, who have worked really hard; they are a delightful bunch and have produced some great results. We are pleased to report a 10% increase on our results last year and we are now well above the National Average for progress for all schools nationally. Congratulations to all our students and staff on their success this year."

Amongst our top achievers were:

Jemima Ajayi        11 A* - A (7A*, 4A)

Charlotte Denny    11 A* - A (7A*, 4A)

Ehsan Hanif          11 A* - B (5A*, 5A, 1B)

Farhan Gohar        11 A* - B (2A*, 8A, 1B)

Emmanuel Alabi    11 A* - B (8A*, 1A, 2B)

Shakare Ali           10 A* - B (6A*, 3A, 2B)

Manar Kadri          10 A* - B (5A*, 2A, 3B)


The following students all achieved 9+ A* - B:


Thanbir Ahmed

Charlotte Almond

Jusnara Begum

Ayesha Khan

Alan Macdonald

Matthew Page

Tasnim Rahman

Rumaana Raja

Beau Rodd

Zakira Sultana