Our Philosophy & Goals

Our Philosophy

Human learning is a natural process of growth and development which begins at birth and continues throughout life.  Schools exist to initiate individuals into the broad range of learning activities which make up our multi-cultural society and to promote high levels of achievement.  We believe that successful schools enable students to:

  • overcome any negative feelings they might have arising from the compulsory nature of schooling
  • achieve high levels of motivation and engagement in learning and achieve excellence (in their own terms).
  • We believe this excellence is achieved through providing high quality learning experiences and through excellent teaching.

Broad Goals

Our broad goals are to promote excellence in all our teachers by fostering their ability to:

  • clarify what is to be achieved in each lesson in terms of knowledge, skills, concepts and values (with reference to relevant syllabi and schemes of work and the National Curriculum)
  • provide a wide variety of active learning styles (research, role play, demonstration, discussion, design investigation collaboration, modelling, making etc.)
  • manage successfully resources and facilitate student learning
  • diagnose individual student needs and provide learning experiences to meet those needs
  • maintain a secure, orderly and just environment for learning
  • create a caring relationship with individuals based on a willingness to listen, share and counsel and to do so in a way which reflects such values as mutual respect, honesty and support
  • use appropriate assessment procedures, including regular marking, to provide students with regular feedback on their learning performance (also parents and colleagues when appropriate) and periodically to review progress and set learning targets.

Student Outcomes

We will know we have achieved these goals when students demonstrate through their learning:

  • self-awareness, self-confidence and self-respect
  • both self-reliance and the ability to work collaboratively
  • high levels of motivation and engagement
  • high levels of achievement (Progress & Attainment)