Equality Objectives Policy

Equality Objectives

Our equality objectives are driven by the recently reviewed and strengthened Biddenham Campus Trust statement of ‘Mission, Principles and Values’ (read these in full here), particularly the paragraph that states:

‘Nurturing and inclusive relationships, and the values of equality and respect are
at the heart of our Trust family. We create safe, secure and happy educational environments where we embrace diversity in all its richness, individuals feel a
sense of belonging and we care for the welfare and wellbeing of others.’

In order to monitor the extent to which we are adhering to our Principles and Values, we will:

1. collect and analyse readily available and voluntarily given staff and student data relating to the nine characteristics protected in law;

2. use this to monitor developing trends in:

  • student achievement (to narrow any gaps);
  • student participation and engagement (voluntary and extra-curricular activities);
  • student attendance and exclusion;
  • staff recruitment and structure (to reflect the diverse composition of the student body).

3. use this data as a basis for creating development plans to address negative trends and to celebrate positive developments;

4. report this data, our analyses and planning to the Governing Body on an annual basis.