Religious Studies and Citizenship

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies is one of the core subjects at Biddenham. From the beginning of Year 9 all students will begin their GCSE in Religious Studies.  The GCSE is made up of two, four part units. with the first unit called Religion in Society. The topics in this unit are Rights and Responsibilities, Environmental and Medical Issues, Peace and Conflict and Crime and Punishment. These topics are linked closely to Citizenship which will be highlighted during the course.  The second unit is entitled Religion and Life.  This covers four sections: Believing in God, Matters of Life and Death, Marriage and Family and Community Cohesion. In both of these units we study each topic through Christianity and Islam.  

Within the Religious Studies curriculum opportunities will also be taken throughout the course to address aspects of Citizenship and PSHE.

We also offer a successful and popular A-Level Religious Studies in which students focus on the religions of Islam and Judaism.


Citizenship education is not only about knowledge of the world and how it works, but the skills and action needed to become an active member of society.

Citizenship prides itself in being one of the most relevant subjects. Not only does it teach students about the issues affecting us all, but it also teaches them what they can do about things they don't like.
Citizenship is embedded into the ethos of Biddenham and individual components are delivered cross curricular with several themes being addressed through Religious Studies.  

As part of our option choices we offer all students the opportunity to study for a GCSE in Citizenship Studies. As part of their course, Year 10 students are expected to launch their own campaigns to bring about change on a local, national or international scale. They research a specific topic and then campaign to a person in a position of power to try and bring about change. In recent years student campaigns have been taken up by our  local MPs, the Mayor of Bedford and the Bedfordshire Police Commissioner.   As part of the GCSE students are also expected to organize and run an event that promotes equality within the community.

 In addition to the GCSE there are be opportunities to take part in other non-examined citizenship activities such as the BBC School News Report where the students choose the news they think is important and then make a video which is played on the BBC.   We also have strong links with other departments and often joined forces to run events such as the debating club.



Mr P Forster Head of Religious Studies, Citizenship and PSHE
Mr E Evans Teacher of Religious Studies Citizenship, Humanities and PSHE
Mr E Phipps Teacher of Religious Studies, Citizenship, Law and PSHE.
Mr Robin Rice Teacher of Religious Studies.
Ms. Kiran Parmar, Teacher of Geography and Religious Studies