Modern Foreign Languages

Headline Information 

As an International School, we embrace language learning and enter students in exams for both home languages and those taught at school.

The benefits of learning a Modern Foreign Language to society are many: individuals fluent in other languages enhance our economic competitiveness abroad, improve global communication, and, some would add, maintain our political and security interest. 

Also, statistics show that students of Modern Foreign Languages develop a deeper understanding of their own and other cultures and have access to a greater number of career possibilities. In fact, in recent years universities have insisted that applicants have a Modern Foreign Language qualification and more and more degrees integrate the study of a language with other subjects such as European/ International Studies, Business Studies or Leisure and Tourism.  

Information About The Department

We are a well resourced department based on the upper floor of Hurst block, with four teaching rooms. Our staff are passionate about language teaching and learning and look to make it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our students. 

We are very proud of our achievements in the last few years as the summer results have been very successful. Last year, our GCSE A*-C percentages in French, Spanish and German were all around the national average or higher. Also, due to our success in A Level teaching, a significant number of our A2 students have gone on to study Languages at University. Likewise, several of our pupils have been examined in their home language and have gained  an extra GCSE or A Level qualification. 

We believe that languages need to be brought to life for the students and therefore offer many trips over the course of their studies:

  • A French trip
  • A German Exchange to Bamberg, Bedford’s twin town
  • A KS3 trip to Boppard in Germany
  • Work experience opportunities in Germany
  • Language study trip to Salamanca in Spain
  • Pen-pal exchange programmes 
  • Cinema visits for relevant foreign films
  • Participation in events with our twin town (Bamberg)

Our native speakers work with each exam group so that every student has the opportunity to both work with a native speaker whilst also learning more about culture and everyday life in the target countries. Each AS/A2 student will have time to work with them  on a one-to-one basis, which helps both their confidence and pronunciation in the foreign language.


Mrs Caroline Piotrowski - Associate Assistant Headteacher - Professional Learning Lead and Head of MFL, Teacher of German and French 

Ms Maria Tavera - Second in MFL, Teacher of Spanish and French

Mr Mark Marlton - Teacher of French, German and Spanish

Ms Estefanía Calvete - Teacher of Spanish and German

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