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Information technology is the beating heart of the modern world. We aim to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to design and make effective digital products for others to use. ICT enables young people to use digital tools as a means of expression to inform, persuade and entertain and to foster young people’s creativity and develop their independent learning skills.

Information About the Curriculum

At KS4 we offer The Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)  which is graded at A*, A, B and C. The CiDA curriculum requires two units of work to be produced over the three year course. The first unit is assessed through a 2 ½ hour set task completed under exam conditions. Students will be required to build and design a website to suit a given scenario. The second unit is Artwork and Imagery which is assessed through an internally assessed online portfolio of evidence where students will demonstrate their ability to create effective images and graphic products.

At KS5 we offer the BTEC L3 National Diploma in ICT which leads well into employment. Students following this course will complete 4 units of work over two years. In year 12 students will build and design a database to manage information. This is assessed through a set task completed under supervised conditions for 10 hours in a one-week period. Students will also complete a unit in using social media in business assessed through an internal online portfolio of evidence.  

In Year 13 students study two additional units. Unit 6 website development which focuses on understanding, designing and developing a website to meet client requirements. This is an internally assessed unit through an online portfolio of evidence. The final Unit is unit 1 information systems which is externally assessed through a written 2 hour examination set and marked by Pearson.

For more information on our ICT curriculum, please follow the various links to each of the different qualifications on offer.

Information About the Department

The ICT department offers:

  • a friendly, supportive and creative learning environment.

  • dedicated computer suites with interactive whiteboards and specialist software.

  • an inclusive approach to teaching and learning where all students will feel valued.

  • high expectations of all students.

  • opportunities to learn outside of the classroom

  • specialist teachers with a proven passion for delivering skills pertinent for many years down the line.

  • after-school clubs


Mrs S. Cadman - Head of Department for ICT and Teacher of Business

Mr G. Foy - Teacher of ICT and Head of Year 11

Mr T. Price - Teacher of Computing and ICT