*Currently being updated, please contact the Geography department for current geographical content and new GCSE and A Level for first teaching in 2016*


Headline Information

Geography is a popular subject at GCSE and A Level.

Exams. How did we do?

We were very pleased with our GCSE results this year, they were excellent with 70% of our students securing an A* - C grade and two students achieving 100%. Some students excelled by achieving two grades higher than their target.

Our A Level results were 100% pass rate, with 4 out of the 13 students achieving an A grade, two of which were an A* and full marks in their final Unit 3 paper. Furthermore, 9 out of the 13 achieved their target grades or better.

Our results this year were an improvement on last year, with 70% gaining A* - C in comparison to 66%.

We are extremely proud of all of our students' progress and their exam results and we wish our current cohort the same success.

Department Information

The Geography department comprises of two classrooms each with access to a projector. The department is well resourced for all levels. We have close links with other Bedford schools with whom we collaborate and share good practice.

The Geography department offers:

  • formative and summative assessments.
  • personalised learning environments.
  • experiential learning environments.
  • structured and detailed handouts.
  • applied learning experiences through fieldtrips for GCSE & AS.
  • Easter and half term revision sessions.
  • celebrating of success (i.e. Star of the Week, trophies, medals , certificates, postcards, chocolate, shout out to Head of Year, house points and verbal praise in lessons).
  • updated display work.
  • challenge in lessons through differentiated tasks.
  • encouragement of progress through individual target setting and feedback.
  • approachable and supportive staff.
  • fun, creativity and variety in lessons.

GCSE is taught through four timetabled lessons per fortnight following the Edexcel Geography A full course. This includes a three day residential trip to the Isle of Purbeck or a one day trip to the Norfolk coastline, which aids students in their controlled assessment (25%).

GCE is taught through seven timetabled lesson per fortnight and we follow AQA Geography. This includes a three day residential trip to Dearne Valley Centre in Doncaster, which aids students with Unit 1 and 2.


Mrs Danielle Morgan –  Head of Geography

Miss Kiran Parmar – Assistant Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Geography

Mr Alan Brown - Head of Year 10 and Teacher of PE and Geography

For further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .