Headline Information

Geography is a popular subject at GCSE and A Level.

Department Information

The Geography department comprises of two classrooms each with access to a projector. The department is well resourced for all levels. We have close links with other Bedford schools with whom we collaborate and share good practice.

The Geography department offers:

  • Formative and summative assessments.
  • Personalised learning environments.
  • Experiential learning environments.
  • Structured and detailed handouts.
  • Applied learning experiences through fieldtrips for GCSE & AS.
  • Easter and half term revision sessions.
  • Celebrating of success (i.e. Star of the Week, trophies, medals , certificates, postcards, chocolate, shout out to Head of Year, house points and verbal praise in lessons).
  • Updated display work.
  • Challenge in lessons through differentiated tasks.
  • Encouragement of progress through individual target setting and feedback.
  • Approachable and supportive staff.
  • Fun, creativity and variety in lessons.

GCSE is taught from October of Year 9. The students are following the Edexcel Geography A full course. This includes a field trip.

GCE is taught through 8 timetabled lessons per fortnight and we follow AQA Geography. This includes a three day residential trip to Swanage.


Miss Gemma Buckingham -  Head of Geography, Head of Business Studies and Form Tutor.

Miss Emily Roberts - Teacher of Geography and Form Tutor

Mr Alan Brown - Head of Sixth form and Teacher of PE and Geography

Ms Nic fountain - KS3 teacher of Geography

Miss Bethany Lees - Teacher of Geography and Business Studies.