Aims of the Department 

In addition to preparing students fully for GCSE, AS and A2 exams, we aim to foster positive and respectful relationships with all pupils. We encourage all students to have high aspirations and to achieve to the best of their ability. We provide appropriate challenge and support according to individual needs. All members of the department aim to nurture a lifelong enthusiasm for the subject.

Department Information

  • The department has six dedicated classrooms and we have access to a fully functional media suite.  All our classrooms are equipped with fixed projectors. 
  • All GCSE students receive over 7 hours of timetabled lessons per-fortnight, and all AS and A2 English Literature students receive over 8 hours of lessons per-fortnight. 
  • We are proud to be able to offer 2 different GCSE options to our students: English Language and English Literature.  
  • We also offer a prestigious and well-respected A-level option to our students: English Literature.


Laura Steward, Head of Department

Caroline Burton, Head of the Extended Project Qualification and Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator for English

Issy Lilley-Moncrieff, Full-time teacher of English and Assistant Head of Key Stage 3

Anne Dunigan, Teacher of English and Media Studies

Kate Brewster, Full-time teacher of English

Carole Jones, Full-time teacher of English

Danny Greenard, Full-time teacher of English

Shanise Ghera, Full-time teacher of English

Alex Welstead, Full-time teacher of English

Sam Fraser, Teacher of English and History

Amy Warden, Teacher of English and Dance